we offer a half daily and daily rate. With and without engineer. (assistant compulsory for newbies into studio)

We have a lot of signal chain options which you can see on our gear list. All amps, pedals, keyboards, pianos, and some of the guitars are included in hire price.



as above.

we have 3 monitoring options.



Konstantin Kersting and Yanto Browning are the airlock Inhouse Engineer/ producers.  Ian Haug is also available for special projects. 



We have access to string and horn section players and arrangers with short notice, as well as a comprehensive list of session musicians and vocalists on call to make your recording come to life.


Do you have an old session on 4 track? minidisc? adat? dat tapes? cassette? We can transfer all those precious old recordings across to a protools session for you to decide whether or not the session is as good as you remembered….. better or worse. Perhaps you might want to give it a mix after the transfer? Perhaps you might want to do an automated mix to those old adat sessions where it used to be a performance in itself to do a mix.


Do you like the sound of your own voice, and you want to start a podcast? We can help you record, produce, and source / record music to accompany your episodes.


With all of the instruments available to experiment with, 3 spaces and the outside areas, lots of natural light and the peace of the bush….airlock is the ultimate location for writing sessions.



Airlock has an extremely large tv screen and projector capabilities for working on the sound for your film or tv project.



Several different setup configurations allow for up to a 5 piece band to be able to perform in a controlled audio environment to an audience of up to 50 people….while being recorded and filmed.Please contact Airlock for details and pricing.

There is a couple of services you might as well be interested in we do not offer. See a list of Airlocks friends and collaborators below. We are happy to put you in touch. 


Matts Guitar Service


All musical Supplies


Guitars and Musical Supplies.


Brisbanes Best Venue.


Drum Service/ Hire


Pedal Empire. Guitar pedals x 100000000.


Sonic Sherpa Records



the church.


Contact these people to get your recordings across all streaming services

The best guitar amps on the planet are made in Brisbane