The Accomodation

Looking to do your own production over a couple of days? Why don’t you stay with us?! How good is it to fully immerse into a production and decide whether to put in the late night hours or just take a BBQ break with the band or family, distract yourself with a round of play station or simply take a refreshing shower between two takes! The round room is a cosy spot for four inside a converted water tank. Fresh linen and towels are supplied, along with a DVD player and PS2. The round room has four single beds, is heated and air-conditioned, and there is 24 hour access to kitchen, BBQ and bathroom facilities. You are also welcome to pitch a tent or park your van during session if need be. There are also several B&B and hotel/motel options around Samford valley, and we are more than happy to assist you with these other accommodation options.

The Facilities


    Full private Kitchen & Bathroom.
    BBQ area
    Play Station 2
    DVD player/TV
    Putt Putt Golf (really seriously ….. this really is coming soon)
    Wireless Access
    Airport pick-up drop off
    Quiet Reading areas and extensive library upon request
    Shower essentials

Staying at Airlock Studios was absolutely fantastic! Our band slept right next to the studio in splendid accommodation and the breathtaking night sky along with the country air made for a truly inspirational morning recording!

Gabe O’Neill

Musician, SunshineNightime

I was always super impressed by the enormous vase full of hotel toiletries!

Scott Regan


Yes we have!!!!! It was vital for our recording process although we may have had too much fun the first night. The fact of waking up, cooking a bbq breaky and hitting the studio was perfect. Accom was cool. Sleeping in a converted water tank didn’t seem to matter after the nights proceedings. Was the best recording experience i have ever had.

Matty Nubah

Musician, Box Falcon

Airlock Studios- You’ll  love it so much there, you’ll forget you’ve got to make a bloody record..!

Terry Dixon


Played in a band called Fusillade, we recorded our debut album “invitation to the lost & weary” with producer Stuart Niven at airlock studio back in November 2007. We all stayed in the tank for a week which was a good experience and productive. late night shananigans from the local wildlife kept us entertained and the facilities on site including the studio itself were great. Our time at Airlock will never be forgotten!

Mark Kelly


Pretty sure Mat Drums and I awoke to a couple of possums screwing on the roof of the watertank accom one night… can I mention that in the testimonial? 😉 ps- Airlock is awesome, of course

Curt Emerton

Musician, The Sea Shall Not Have Them

Loved staying there when I came up to write with you. Very comfy beds and one of the best studios I’ve recorded in .Would love come back up again 😊

Ash Rothschild


Stayed one night… Felt kinda spesh being around the surrounds and history to the studio… Slept like a baby and we into to record Vocals on “Where is my heart” … Great accommodation and Crew.. Thanks Ian Haug.

Dan Nebe

Musician, Utopia