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Airlock Studios was established in 1998 by Powderfinger guitarist Ian Haug.  Based in the lush surrounds of the Samford Valley, only 20 minutes north of the Brisbane CBD, Airlock Studios features large, comfortable, naturally lit recording spaces and a huge control room.

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Airlock studios vision has always been to provide an environment that inspires people to do the best work they can.
We believe that natural light, spacious surrounds, friendly staff, as well great gear in a great room, are an essential part of the creative process and in aiding you capture the best performance of your song.
Our aim is to utilise the right blend of digital recording equipment and analogue gear up front to attain a sound beyond your expectations.
This is our promise!


Looking to immerse in your own project to get a recording done over a couple of days? Why don’t you stay with us?! How good is it to fully focus into a production and decide whether to put in the late night hours or just take a BBQ break with the band or family, distract yourself with a round of play station or simply take a refreshing shower between two takes!


Airlock Studios are always out and about in the local music scene. You had an incredible time recording your work at Airlock studios? You have some incredible, music related adventure to share or want to get inspired about what’s happening around Brisbane and Australia? Visit our Blog and dive a little deeper into what makes Airlock Studios!

About Airlock Studios

Airlock Studios Australia is on Brisbane’s Northside, just near Samford Village, which is 20 mins away from Brisbane city and Fortitude Valley. It is situated in lush surrounds and is a relaxing, secure retreat. A feast for the musician’s senses. We have several in-house audio engineers to suit your needs. We cater for the release of quality recordings, demos, pre-production, film scores, advertising and film/vision synchronization. Airlock Studios was established 20 years ago in 1998 by Powderfinger guitarist Ian Haug. Based in the lush surrounds of the Samford Valley, only 20 minutes north the Brisbane CBD, Airlock features a large, comfortable control room, 2 different recording spaces and an isolation booth, as well as two seperate additional isolation areas. The studio is based a 32 I/O Pro tools HDX system (also with Crane Song conversion avaliable) and an AMEK Rupert NEVE designed console.

Endless licensed plugins are loaded on the machine. Both protools, and logic are avaliable. This along with an extensive collection of outbound gear, plenty of microphone options and an array of various guitar amps, effects, yamaha mini grand and upright pianos, a Wurnitzer and a Hammond/Leslie combo, Airlock is truly a full palette of options. 2012 also saw the inception of Airlock Records, an imprint that will be avaliable for artists to release and distribute their records in the future. Over the past decade Airlock has catered to a number of Brisbane and interstate bands including

Pete Murray, Kate Miller-Heidke, Big Scary, the Cairos, Yves Klein Blue, Butterfingers, Powderfinger, the Grates, the Medics, Art of Sleeping, the Jungle Giants, Working Horse Irons, Mosman Alder, the Belligerents, Morning Harvey, Tara Simmons, Jac Stone, Dave di Marco, Waxx, Amy Shark, Eves Karydas, Karl S Williams, Shag Rock, Elko Fields, and many many more.

Airlock’s friendly and experienced engineers will help you sound the best you possibly can. It is definitely worth taking the drive out to airlock to have a look! Ample baffles and diffusers can be used to alter the sonic quality. We have 6 separation areas with tie lines between them all. We have individual an individual headphone mixing system to get the project flowing nicely and sounding great for all musicians involved. No more bickering over individual player levels while tracking! Can accommodate larger projects including large string sections.  Very large control room, acoustically designed by Ben Hall and Jo Malone. A room with a view and ambient natural light.


Airlock’s friendly and experienced engineers will help you sound the best you possibly can. Meet our inhouse engineers Yanto Browning, Konstantin Kersting and discover Airlock’s high performance studio gear.


We have an extremely wide selection of analogue outboard equipment, and record digitally to ProToolsHDX. Digidesign Protools HDX with version 10 Protools Waves platinum plugin bundle and more..


Looking to immerse in your own project to get a recording done over a couple of days? Why don’t you stay with us and make your production an experience.

Airlock Studio Experiences 

Read about other legends experiences recording at Airlock Studios.

I love the expansive control room enhanced by the natural lighting which floods the space during the daytime.The monitoring is exceptionally balanced around the room And the big J.L.M monitors kick ass; even the near fields fill the entire roomwithout breaking a sweat. The live rooms are some of the best around with a great choice of live or dead spaces and high and low ceiling placements.
There is a multitude of outboard gear so I don’t have to load my car with road cases – everything I need is generally there. My favorite thing about Airlock Studios is that it is home to a great collection of guitars, pedals, amps, keyboards and even some drums! A band could rock up without any equipment and still make a great record!

Jeff Lovejoy

Producer/Engineer, Black Box Studios

After 14 years in the Music Biz all recording studios have tended to merge into one blurred memory of over dubs, cold KFC and ping pong, so it was a truly delightful surprise to spend time tracking with a band at Airlock. If the 6 acres of pristine Australian forest wasn`t inspiring enough, the actual studio spaces are a constant and evocative reminder of what your are actually there for: each room invites you to explore every nook and cranny of the known musical universe from the expected hi tech gizmos to the liberal scattering of bizarre musical curiosities. From the many fascinating analogue keyboard relics, though to racks of rare ‘to die for’ guitars that get the dreamers drooling. Its really comfortable, its really interesting and its REALLY fucking cool! You can tell it was designed by a real musician.

Ian 'Dicko' Dickson


We bloody love it! We’ve been signed to Ian’s label since 2015 and have done countless days out at Airlock. We recorded our eponymous 8 track mini-album and our last full-length album, Barefoot , with Ian! I We always go in excited and nervous about how things are going to turn out but Ian’s knowledge and experience as a producer and an artist has always guided us in the right direction. It is always an extremely fulfilling experience and something we are very grateful for as artists. The in-house sound engineers, Konsty and Yanto are pretty technical dudes and two people an artist/musician can trust. Ian is also an alright guy, he’s quite tall and has a lot of guitars but he means well. – Al & Shag Rock

Shag Rock

Surf Rock Band, Shag Rock

We are lucky enough to have a world class studio in Brisbane and it is Airlock.  Footstomp have worked on incredible albums from AMY SHARK, THE BELLIGERENTS and most recently TIA GOSTELOW.  We will continue to recommend our artists record in the amazing space that is Airlock.

Graham Ashton

Manager / Promotions Expert, Director of Footstomp Music

Bounded by its enlivening mountain setting and filled with top shelf signal paths, boutique amps, pedals and sweetly balanced studio and control room acoustics, Airlock fosters the creative needs of musicians, engineers and producers alike in style and  comfort.

Paul Mc Kercher


I have done heaps of recording at Airlock. It’s a great studio, away from the hustle and bustle with lots of space to get creative. It’s also got a wide range of great gear and the boss is an alright bloke as well.

Bernard Fanning

Musician / Producer

Airlock is like a deluxe Californian studio with all the trees . Great atmosphere. Amazing bunch of instruments. One of the best studios I’ve been in in the world.

Steve Kilbey


I spent a few weeks working on an album at Airlock with a six piece band (Mosman Alder) and had a fantastic time. The live rooms provide plenty of great sounding options, the selection of recording gear, amps and instruments is top notch and it has to be one of the most pleasant and comfortable control rooms I’ve ever worked in. Aside from sounding great, the control room has an abundance of high windows and natural light (unlike most studio bunkers) and it’s also big enough to fit a couple of engineers, a six piece band and ten of their mates without anyone being in the way. It’s also nice being able to step outside and take a breather in some beautiful natural surroundings. Really great place to work away from the hustle and bustle. We made a great sounding album and nobody went insane.

Paul Dempsey

Musician / Producer

In my career I have recorded in Airlock studios on three separate occasions. The first time I was an independent artist and I recorded an EP here before I recorded my debut independent album ‘The Game’. The quality of recording from this session really made the difference to the start of my career.  On every occasion I have used Airlock I have always had a fantastic result. The vibe in this studio is really cool and it makes you want to produce great music.

Pete Murray


Haugy’s Airlock Studio is brilliant. I did some work there recently with Qld artist Leanne Tenant & loved the vibe there. Ian’s always been a gentleman , friend and rock god but I was stoked to find his studio so good as well. Up in the hills above Brisbane the forest location is great , but the sounds & gear he’s collected over the years make it a special experience. I can’t wait to go back (probably to do some fucked up 70s prog rock with him if he’ll allow it?)    Love airlock & Haugy too xx


Musician/ Producer

Airlock was an ideal home for the making of our album. The location was beautiful and peaceful, a great place just to hang out and focus on our music. The studio had everything we needed, it was easy to get different drum tones with various rooms, great audio and instrument collection also. Many fond memories!

Tom Iansic

Musician / Producer

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